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Smokin' Barrels - Gourmet Wine Soaked Woodchips
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Smokin' Barrels - Gourmet Wine Soaked Woodchips


Smokin' Barrels Chips Smokin' Barrels Chips:
Flavorful French Oak chips from actual wine barrels that have been soaked in California wines for up to five years. Perfect for use in smokers, gas grills or briquette style bar-b-ques.
1   1/2 Lbs. $8.95



Smokin' Barrels Dust Smokin' Barrels Dust:
Well suited for use in smokers and grills. Barrel Dust may be soaked prior to use or placed directly on coals or briquettes for a burst of wine/oak flavoring.
1   1/2 Lbs. $8.95



Smokin' Barrels Blocks Smokin' Barrels Blocks:
Taken from the hearts of the wine soaked staves these long lasting, slow burning blocks are ideal for large smokers, open fire pits or to place directly on charcoal briquettes.
5 Lb. box $14.95


Soak wood chips for at least 15 minutes, drain and place in smoker box or place dry chips directly over briquettes.
As the wood chips are heated they produce an aromatic combination of oak and wine smoke that enhances the flavor of your food and combines the passion for wine and grilling.

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