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Smokin' Barrels - Gourmet Wine Soaked Woodchips

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About Smokin' Barrels Gourmet Wine Soaked Woodchips

Smokin' Barrels is family owned and located on the Central Coast of California in the heart of the wine region. The Central Coast is also known for its mild climate which allows us to cook outdoors all year long. On one of these evenings while BBQ-ing using oak wood and having a glass of wine, I wondered if it was possible to get both the wonderful flavor of oak wood and the subtle flavor of wine in my food at the same time? It was at this point that I began selecting different varietal aged, wine soaked oak barrels and developed a process to capture and package wine flavored oak woodchips to use for grilling and smoking. The feedback from friends and family was so overwhelming I decided to share this unique product with grilling and wine enthusiasts everywhere. So...the beginning of Smokin' Barrels. Proof "There is life after wine".

While BBQ-ing, you can pair Smokin' Barrels gourmet wine soaked oak woodchips with your favorite wine for the ultimate culinary dining experience or simply use them to enhance the flavor of your grilled food.

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